Application Process

What Every Employee Should Know About the Insure Oklahoma Program:

  • You must report all annual household income received (earned and unearned).
  • You must report each household member and their Social Security number.
  • You may enroll online or by submitting a paper application. (Submitting a paper application may result in an effective date 1 to 2 months later.)
  • A completed subscriber application must contain true and accurate information.
  • All applications are subject to review for accuracy.
  • Eligibility may be reversed at any time if inconsistencies are found. All monies paid in error will be subject to recoupment.
  • If you are eligible you must submit all requested documents by deadlines noted on letters.

How to Get Application Information:

  • If an employee chooses to apply, he/she may either apply on the Web site, or download application form.
  • Submitting a paper application may result in an effective date 1 to 2 months later than if applying online as there is a 30-day processing time for Insure Oklahoma processors.
  • Completing a paper application before applying online will ensure that you have all information needed in advance. The system will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

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